Hunter Health Kick Workout VIDEO: Week 12

HERE it is – the final week of the inaugural Hunter Health Kick – and at the end of the week hopefully everyone who has adopted new health habits since the start of the year will be feeling a sense of achievement.

If you are psyching up for the Herald Hill2Harbour 10-kilometre challenge in eight days then take it a bit easier this week so you are fresh for the race.

It is important to keep ticking over, which means still doing some training, but you don’t want to exhaust yourself or be sore on race day. And you should put extra emphasis on what you are putting in your body this week to prepare it for your run or walk. That means good food and plenty of water.

For those who are not planning to do the Hill2Harbour, hopefully this week is not the end of your health campaign but just the beginning. You should be able to adapt most of the sessions from the Hunter Health Kick to keep your fitness on track.

Back to week 12 – do these sessions every other day and try to go for a light 20 to 30-minute walk or run on two other days. You might like to go for a light swim or walk the day before race day and schedule a good stretch as well.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter the Hill2Harbour ( or newrun苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au).

Works: Arms (biceps) and shoulder muscles.

How: Stand with feet hip width apart, good posture and dumbbells in each hand resting in front of your thighs with palms facing out.

Bending at the elbows, bring your hands towards your shoulders.

Turn your hands 180 degrees so your palms face out and push the dumbbells above your head in an arc to complete the movement.

Return to start position in reverse order.

Please enable Javascript to watch this videoBicep Curl.

Strength & cardio

The session should take 30-45minutes including your warm-up and cool-down.

5-minute warm-up and stretch

Workout 20-30minutes:

10 squats + 1min rest/walk/run. Repeat 1-2times

10 push-ups + 1min rest/walk/run. Repeat 1-2 times

10-20 lunges + 1min rest/walk/run. Repeat 1-2 times

10 pull-ups + 1min rest/walk/run. Repeat 1-2 times

10 opposing arm and leg or 30-45sec hover (on knees or toes) with a 30-60sec rest. Repeat 1-2 times.

5-10minutes cool-down and stretch


5-minute warm-up and stretch

Workout: Aim for 20-25 minutes of flat intervals at a 1:1 work:recovery ratio. This might be walk fast:walk slow; jog:walk; harder run:easy run. Try working 90 seconds harder:90 seconds easy. As always, if it feels too easy, try working harder for longer and having less rest. If it feels too hard, have more rest/recovery time.

5-10minutes cool-down and stretch

Strength & cardio

The session should take 30-45minutes, including your warm-up and cool-down. Take rests when you need.

5-minute warm-up and stretch

Workout 20-30minutes:

10 squats

30sec skipping

10 push-ups

30sec step-ups

10 pull-ups/rows with triceps kickback

30 sec x 10-metre easy-hard walk/run shuttles

10 bicep-shoulder press

10 opposing arm and leg/30-45sec hover

Repeat 2-4 more times from the top

5-10minutes cool-down and stretch

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